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Use Cases

Data at your fingertips

An easy and clean interface will bring to your pocket all the information you need.

You can also receive push notifications if something happens to make best and faster decisions.


Hotel management

Managing a hotel requires to monitor multiple information: bookings, food and beverage, maintenance, marketing actions, claims, human resources, etc.

Hotel managers and stakeholders need data at their fingertips most of the time, and none of the existent solutions offers an easy way to access business data.

Traken brings a mobile Big Picture of the company, in a single data source accesible in seconds.

Example App Features
  • Bookings dashboard
  • Real time reporting
  • Facilities status (lights, AC, pools…)
  • Human resources
  • Alerts and notifications

Other examples for this case


Monitor the facilities of the complex: pools, AC, energy saving, temperatures, etc.

Human Resources

Let your employees check their payrolls, contract and timesheet.


Check your data in seconds by aggregating data in a single app.


Assign tasks to any member of the organization.

Time and cost saving

Traken doesn't need design or mobile coding. Just use our powerful widget library with drag & drop interface to craft your screens and bind your data in a flash.

Thanks to the Traken approach, any dashboard would be ready just in the matter of minutes.

Traken time saving
Traken cost saving

More use cases

Business Management
Startups, Tech companies & e-Commerce

Track your sales, customers, user, systems and marketing campaigns.

Get instant notifications when a new customer arrives or when something important happens.

Business Management
Distribution & Retail

Track your business with your mobile. Say goodbye to overloadead, complex and unusable applications.

Alert if anything needs attention.

Business Management
Public transport

Provide real-time information to coordinators, drivers, pilots or captains.

Clear and instant information is the key to save time, costs and avoid mistakes.

Business Management

Monitor your entire factory with Traken. Equipment monitoring, production reports or anything you want.

Get real-time alerts if something goes wrong or when the production is ready.

Business Management

Monitor all your services the way you want. Use our widget library to design your screens and bind the data from a RESTful service.

Traken aggregates all the information in a single mobile app, easy to implement and scale.

Business Management

Check all your devices in a single mobile application in real time and get notified when something happens. It’s as easy as discovering a RESTful service.

Business Management
Slack’s best friend

Traken works where Slack doesn’t, giving you not only alerts but aggregated data too.

Display your total number of customers, how many sales you have or who is your best support guy.