Mobile access to
Data, Business Insights, Business Operations, Monitoring, Metrics, Anything

With Traken you can build clear mobile dashboards that keep your teams instantly informed.

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Track Anything, Anywhere

Real-time information

Monitor any kind of information from your phone with our custom mobile dashboards.

Connect any data source

Create dashboards in seconds, seamlessly integrated with your data source.


Receive push notifications when something happens and be sure of missing nothing.


Made for developers,
by developers

Integrating with Traken is really easy. It will take a few hours of learning curve. Then, just minutes!

  • No mobile coding. Just JSON
  • Easy Push notifications
  • Extensive widget library
  • Instant updates


Simple integration

Any developer can make the first Traken integration in a few hours. Then, just minutes!

Screen Composer

A powerful widget library with drag & drop interface allows you to craft your screens and bind your data in a flash.


Your dashboards are instantly available in your user’s mobile devices.

Multiple users

Anyone in your team can have access to your dashboards.

Connect any data source

Traken can connect with just about any data source just discovering a RESTful service.

Push Notifications

Receive push notifications when something happens and be sure of missing nothing, with just 1 line of code.


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Secure and Private

Your data is never stored

Traken handles the traffic between you and your users to keep things working smoothly, but we will NEVER save, access or use any of your information.

SSL secured connections

Traffic is always securely encrypted ensuring that all your data passed to the Traken Platform and the Traken App remains private and integral.


Traken is built on the industry-leading Amazon AWS infrastructure allowing us to deliver incredible uptime guarantee and a robust and reliable service.